Andrews Art Studio

  1. I am going to be in a show December 2018. It is at Red-E Cafe in Portland
    April 2018: My Massive Shipwreck painting.

    I wanted a Galleon shipwreck painting for the house. It is 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Me speed painting myMassive Galleon Shipwreck video in time lapse.

    I painted this SailBoats painting to get me focused on creating new paintings.

    Here is me painting mySail Boats Video in time lapse.

    Check out some of my other paintings featured in my channel. I was inspired by Pieter Clauesz style of banquet still life paintings.

    40" wide x 30" tall

    Here is me painting myBanquet Still Life in time lapse.

    Some detail of foods I like. Kale, Apples, Onions, Pears, Salmon, and Grapes.

    The peeled lemon is a symbol of time passing.

  2. Leonid Afremov and Daniel Wall inspired my park scenes
    Vibrant colors with intense light in a park like setting are the themes for these works.

    Autumn Park 36" wide x 24" tall

    14" wide and 11" tall done with a palette knife.

    See me on Society 6
  3. Some Ceramics
    I used to create ceramic and tile paintings all the time

    this is a 42" tall and 30" wide ceramic painting based upon Picasso and Dora Maar.

    This 54" wide and 42" tall ceramic painting is in my bathroom.

    See me on Society 6
  4. Some drawings I have done recently

    A study for a painting that is in process

    While in Washington DC I did some drawings of paintings in the museum.
    This is called A painters Studio.