We suggest the following:

  1. Some Recent Painting
    Check out some of my latest paintings featured in my channel. I was inspired by Pieter Clauesz style of banquet still life paintings.

    40" wide x 30" tall

    Here is me painting myBanquet Still Life in time lapse.

    Some detail of foods I like. Kale, Apples, Onions, Pears, Salmon, and Grapes.

    The peeled lemon is a symbol of time passing.

  2. Leonid Afremov and Daniel Wall inspired my park scenes
    Vibrant colors with intense light in a park like setting are the themes for these works.

    Autumn Park 36" wide x 24" tall

    14" wide and 11" tall done with a palette knife.

    See me on Society 6
  3. Some Ceramics
    I used to create ceramic and tile paintings all the time

    this is a 42" tall and 30" wide ceramic painting based upon Picasso and Dora Maar.

    This 54" wide and 42" tall ceramic painting is in my bathroom.

    See me on Society 6
  4. Some drawings I have done recently

    A study for a painting that is in process

    While in Washington DC I did some drawings of paintings in the museum.
    This is called A painters Studio.